Monday, November 14, 2016

Awake and Renamed After a Long Sleep


After a long hiatus from posting, I decided to restart my blog under a new name - Accidental Beauty. Accidental Beauty is very similar to All's Fair - this is a place where I post pictures I like without worrying about working in a series. Or if the pictures come from the street or the studio. These pictures are like a quick hello - sometimes a longer, deeper conversation is sparked, but sometimes I am just touching base or jotting down a visual note. The the next little while, I'm catching up with some photos from 2014 - 2016.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

By A Thread

Here are some new photograms I've been making from nearly (but not totally) obsolete technologies such as rotary dial phones, type writers, film cameras and personal sewing machines. I took these machines apart and used the most interesting bits to create the print. Smashing things is really therapeutic and banishes any nostalgia I might have.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Animal Enchantments

Like a child, I prefer to believe that animals can talk and have adventures, forms societies and perhaps commune with us humans. I even hope that there be dragons (kind ones) here, and mermaids and unicorns and fairies and so forth. Of course, such wishing has so far proven fruitless, but the abundance of literature on this subject points the intensity of this desire on the part of adults and youth. One has only to think of Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and J.K. Rowling, and also centuries of folklore, to see this desire is real. Now fantasy writers are tapping into this vein and writing mythical tales for adult readers in record numbers.

I am interested in exploring real and mythical animals through the prism of imagination – how these creatures are depicted in fantasy, not science. Because I believe that mystery is an essential part of life’s beauty, I have chosen to pursue this topic using photograms that I constructed in a traditional darkroom - itself a fittingly dim and alchemistic place - one given over to friendly magic.

Both Sides Now

I completed a project for WonderRoot's CSA program called Both Sides Now. This is one version of the project that used software to combine images from different parts of the city. The other version consisted of one-of-a-kind photograms  that were given to collectors who bought shares in the project. These 8x10 prints were made from objects I found across the city and combined in a traditional darkroom.

Artist Statement:

Both Sides Now is a photographic series that looks at the substantial differences in income among Atlanta neighborhoods, using photomontage as a tool. The dream of a better life and the reality of poverty are currents that run through these images.

Each image was created by combining images photographed in wealthy areas and museums that showcase rare objects and combining those with companion images from poor neighborhoods. This project is not a traditional documentary style portrait of poverty and wealth, but a conceptual way of bridging the divide. I walked through these different areas bringing parts of each back to my studio where the images were combined. The pictures are a symbolic uniting of the disparity that has so far remained largely unchanged through public policy.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Excited to be one of six new artists selected for WonderRoot's CSA Season 05. Buy a share, suport artists and receive 6 wonderful pieces from 6 artists. WonderRoot explains the program better than I, so here goes:

After a lengthy and difficult review process, we are delighted to announce the CSA Season 05 artists have been selected. Congratulations Chris ChambersManty DeyAriel LockshawTracy MurrellLaura Noel, and Deborah Sosower! We are thrilled to have them on board this season and are looking forward to seeing the works they put together for shareholders.
What is the WonderRoot CSA? The WonderRoot CSA (Community Supported Art) is a new model for selling and purchasing artwork, adapted from the traditional agricultural CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).
What is the purpose? The WonderRoot CSA seeks to: a) cultivate a culture of art collecting for the local arts economy  and b) support Atlanta artists by commissioning them to create work.
Why did we create it? WonderRoot invites art curious individuals and seasoned collectors to invest in the local arts economy by purchasing a share to Atlanta’s first ever art-based CSA, WonderRoot CSA. By investing in local artists, shareholders are helping to keep local talent in Atlanta, as well as claiming their share of our city’s most gifted creators.  Artist contributors are able to immediately grow their collector-base, in addition to a guaranteed commission before any work is ever created. The exposure to WonderRoot’s audience throughout metro Atlanta creates even more opportunity for participating artists to develop interested buyers.
In Season 05, WonderRoot has commissioned the aforementioned six artists to create 30 works each, making 30 shares available to the public for $400/share. Artwork will be received by shareholders at a series of three pick up parties. Pick up parties will take place from January 2015 – March 2015. Each pick up party will feature work by two artists and will include artist talks. WonderRoot CSA pick up parties are open to the public and we would love to see you attend! Please join us at the following venues this season:
Interested in purchasing a share? Please fill out a WonderRoot CSA Season 05 purchase form.