Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Anticipating Year's End

I'm in that happy pre-Christmas time when the best is still ahead. The preparations, putting up the tree, stringing lights, school ending for a blissfully long break, the anticipation of being with family and friends - all this is yet to come.  Even as I put the tree up, I dread taking it down. Undecorating the house makes me unbearably sad. This year I plan on inviting friends over for wine and companionship as I break it all apart. Perhaps some super friend will organize the boxes to avoid the depressed junking of the ornaments that is sometimes the best I can do.

The larger issue is that another year is closing. I'll feel better in January when a fresh set of 12 months stretch ahead of me, even if it means I'm a year older - I'm a January baby.

I just read about a magazine that is looking for submissions around the theme of  the muse. The editors said to "think outside the box" on what a muse is. Well, time is my muse, in that its fleet footed ways keep me working and pushing. Of course, I can't catch it, but I keep swatting at it, ineffectually, maybe, but I'm still in the game.

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